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Your utility costs continue to go up and making hot water is a big part of the reason. In an effort to fight the rising costs, you may be looking for a way to save both energy and money. Today’s tankless water heaters are energy efficient and very durable. In fact, you can count on one lasting twenty years instead of the 8 to 19 a budget conventional water heater with a storage tank would operate. Retrofitting your home or business will require a larger initial investment that might seem expensive, in the long run you will save money.

What Is A Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters are increasing in popularity for several reasons. “On demand” hot water is one of feature it offers that has lead to their acceptance in the market place. Water is heated only when you need it. With that comes the energy savings. You also don’t need a storage tank, creating even more energy efficiency.

Tankless water heaters sit idle for hours, days or weeks until they are activated when a hot water faucet, dishwasher, etc. is turned on. The heater that activates the flow can be either propane, electric or gas. Normally the gas tankless water heaters will have a larger capacity than an electric one.